Mullis’ Attorneys File Another Motion for New Trial

Attorneys for Todd Mullis have filed another motion for a new trial.

The Earlville man was convicted of killing his wife, Amy, with a cornrake on their farm in November 2018. A jury of twelve found him guilty of First Degree Murder following a trial in Dubuque County last September.

Soon after the trial, Mullis’ attorneys filed a motion for a new trial, with another motion coming this past week.

Their reasoning for wanting a new trial include:

  1. Defendant never said “cheating whore” in the 911 call.  So, referring to it was an error or misconduct.
  2. Deputy Travis Hemesath was not a qualified expert for purposes of introducing the internet searches.
  3. Deputy Travis Hemesath provided improper hearsay testimony.
  4. Defendant’s attorneys did not go with the “accident” defense against his wishes.
  5. Defendant’s attorneys did not inform him of his right not to testify.
  6. The weight of the evidence was contrary to the verdict.

Jake Feuerhelm, who represented Mullis as the lead attorney in his trial last September, is no longer one of Mullis’ attorneys.

    The judge will hear Mullis’ motion for a new trial prior to his scheduled sentencing on March 17th.


    photo courtesy of Telegraph Herald