Good Neighbor Society Restricting All Visitors

The Good Neighbor Society in Manchester is now restricting all visitors due to the Coronavirus.

CEO/Administrator Matt Carpenter says they are following recommendations from the CDC and Iowa Health Care Association to try to help prevent COVID-19 from entering their campus.

Carpenter says the COVID-19 virus is extremely dangerous for their Good Neighbor Society residents. The World Health Organization estimates the mortality rate for those over 80 years old who are infected with the disease is nearly 22% and even higher for those over 80 with underlying health conditions.

That is why the Good Neighbor Society is requesting that family and friends do not visit their campus at this time unless absolutely necessary.

Carpenter says there are other ways you can communicate with your loved ones there, including phone calls, email, texts, social media or video chat. If you have any questions about reaching out to your loved ones at the Good Neighbor Society during that time, please call their campus at 927-3907 and speak with Communication Director Alaina Lynch.