Delaware County Courthouse to Remain Open for Now

Despite some other area counties closing their offices due to COVID-19 concerns, the Delaware County courthouse will remain open at this time.

County Supervisor Jeff Madlom tells KMCH they’ll be meeting with county department heads this week.

At least two surrounding counties have closed many of their offices – Clayton County has closed all county offices and Buchanan County is limiting access to their county offices. You can find more details about each of those closures on their respective county websites.

Meanwhile, the Delaware County Board of Supervisors met for their regular weekly meeting on Monday afternoon. Several public hearings were held, including on the future budget and amendments to the current budget. The Board also approved the proposed five-year construction program for the upcoming fiscal year and will be sending a letter of recommendation to the DNR for the confined feeding operation construction application for Tenderloin Ranch, LLC.

The County also received an application for a wind project in Delaware County. The proposed Independence Wind Project will consist of approximately twenty towers north of Ryan on the west side of Highway 13. They hope to start construction in the spring of 2021.

The County also discussed the designation of the Historic 20 Route for Old Highway 20 through Delaware County, which would include installing signage. The Board says they still need to have a conversation on the number of signs and who will pay for them.