Still No Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Delaware County

Delaware County remains as one of the only counties in eastern Iowa that has not yet had any confirmed positive cases of COVID-19.

And some have wondered if that’s because there is no testing going on in the county yet. But Delaware County Public Health Coordinator Delma Hardin tells KMCH testing is being done.

So why is Delaware County one of the few that has stayed clear of the Coronavirus so far? Hardin says she has some thoughts as to why that may be, but says there’s really no pat answer.

But just because there haven’t been any confirmed positive cases of the virus in Delaware County doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not here. Residents who have been experiencing mild symptoms have been asked to self-isolate for a period of time if they don’t meet the current guidelines to get tested.

Along with some residents self-isolating, all of Delaware County is encouraged to continue following the social distancing guidelines. Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds ordered some businesses to close through April 7th and schools through April 12th, but with President Trump’s extension of the federal social distancing guidelines through April 30th, those state orders may be extended too. The Governor is expected to make a decision by the end of the week.

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