Hundreds of Vehicles Turn Out for Manchester’s Quarantine Cruise

The streets of Manchester were lined with cars on Saturday night.

It was the KMCH Quarantine Cruise – a chance to get out of the house in a safe way during this pandemic by isolating ourselves in our cars and “cruisin’ the loop” or “scoopin’ the loop” through town – just like in the old days. The event gave everyone a way to safely see each other while social distancing.

Hundreds of cars turned out, making the lap around town on Main Street from the east end to the west end. And it wasn’t just happening in Manchester – cars were cruisin’ in Earlville, Monticello, Edgewood and other area towns too. And we heard from a few of you as Mike Johnson played some cruisin’ tunes back here in the studio.

You can find a video and more photos from the Quarantine Cruise on our KMCH Facebook page.


photos courtesy of Janelle Tucker and Rob Edwards/KMCH