West Delaware and Delaware Co. Fairgrounds Offer RMC Employees Place to Stay

Healthcare workers in Delaware County are being offered a place to stay while they work the frontlines during the COVID-19 crisis.

West Delaware High School has the gym set up as a home away from home for Regional Medical Center’s healthy employees – giving them a place to sleep so they don’t risk bringing the virus home to their families.

That’s RMC’s Public Information Officer Valerie Lindsay. In addition to the cots, the school is also lending their space to the hospital employees – including showers and a living room with a TV and snacks.

The Delaware County Fairgrounds is also offering all healthcare workers free camper space if they’re concerned about going home or if they’d simply like to be closer to work during their long shifts. Fair Manager Jeannie Domeyer:

Any healthcare worker who would like to reserve a spot at the fairgrounds can contact the Delaware County Fair Office and they’ll hook you up.