Grocery Shopping Safety During COVID-19

Grocery shopping is still an essential errand during COVID-19 – and it’s become a stressful experience for some people as we worry about being exposed to others in a public space.

Kelsey Salow, the Human Sciences Specialist for ISU Extension and Outreach, says every shopping trip has its risk. She suggests planning your shopping trips in advance to limit how many times you go to the store.

Salow says the primary concern while shopping is the risk of the contracting the virus from other people – not from the surfaces in the store or the food itself. She says there are several precautions you can take when you go to the grocery store.

Once you get home from the grocery store and before you handle any food, wash your hands with warm water and soap for twenty seconds. But she says you can probably skip wiping down any containers or packages.

For more information on storing and freezing food to avoid extra trips to the store, you can check out our interview with Kelsey on