West Delaware Working on Plans after School Year Cancelled

Governor Kim Reynolds announced on Friday that Iowa schools will not re-open this school year, which means local schools are working on more plans during the closure.

West Delaware Superintendent Dr. Kristen Rickey:

Dr. Rickey released a letter to parents and students on Friday and addressed a list of frequently asked questions about school learning and activities, including 3rd term grades, 4th term credits and classes and commencement. We have posted the “Frequently Asked Questions” below for you to review.

She says West Delaware will be making plans to allow students to collect their personal items from school, with details to be announced soon. She also adds that the free breakfast and lunch will continue to be available for any child under 18.


Frequently Asked Questions addressed by Dr. Rickey

Is school going to open yet this school year?
No. Governor Reynolds has ordered school to remain closed for the remainder of the 2019-20
school year.

We were near the end of 3rd term when school was closed. What will happen to 3rd term
For grades PK-4, standards based grading is used instead of traditional grades. Teachers will
complete report cards based on student progress at that time.
For grades 5-11, students are under “Voluntary Educational Enrichment”. Under this format,
teachers are not allowed to grade any work received after the closure, including work that
students turned in late because they were absent or needed to complete an assignment.
Teachers cannot grade those assignments until school resumes.
We know it would be very difficult in August for students and for teachers to try to recreate what
happened prior to March 16 in order to update grades on the traditional ABC grading scale.
Therefore teachers will grade 3rd term now on a Pass/Incomplete system. If students were
receiving a passing grade, they will receive a “P” on the report card. If they were failing, they
will receive an Incomplete. Students with an Incomplete will be able to fulfill teacher
requirements when we return to school in the fall to change that grade to passing.
Seniors are under “Required Educational Service”, so their teachers are able to give grades and
credit as they normally would. Teachers will communicate with students and parents if there is
missing work that must be completed, and a grade will be issued.

If students are in college credit concurrent enrollment courses, will they be able to
complete those credits?
These are considered college courses, even when they are taught by WD teachers. The
college classes have continued and students in all grade levels will receive traditional grades
and credit for these courses when they complete them.

Will the Pass/Incomplete grading scale impact my child’s GPA?
No. Pass/Incomplete does not count for or against the grade point average. However, if the
incomplete is not corrected when school resumes in the fall, it will become an F and will impact

When will the 4th term be made up?
The teachers and principals are working on plans to be sure the learning is made up and
students are brought up to where they would normally be in their learning at the end of the year.
We are considering many options. However, we can't make detailed plans until we know if the

COVID restrictions will be in place beyond the end of May. We also need more guidance from
the Department of Education before we can proceed. We do know that we will not be back in
school this year, so any plans will need to consider the impact on the 2020-21 school year.

How will students earn credit for 4th term, including students in 8th grade algebra or
The district is not allowed to issue credit for students in grades 5-11 for 4th term now. We will
make adjustments to allow students to earn credits when we return to school. For some
classes, the School Board has reduced the credit requirements. For other classes, we will
ensure students have the opportunity to earn the credit required. It is too soon to have detailed
plans yet, but parents and students should be assured that every school in the state and the
country is facing this, and we will make sure that every student gets back on track when we
return in the fall.

What will be the consequences if my child is not able to participate in the voluntary
learning opportunities for grades PK-11?
These opportunities are truly voluntary. We understand that families are in different situations
right now due to the pandemic that may make it difficult to participate in these opportunities.
There is no negative consequence from the school if your child does not participate.
However, we encourage students to participate as much as possible because it will help them to
get back on track more quickly when school resumes in the fall. If your child needs help to
access the instruction or to successfully participate, please contact the teacher.

What about Senior Awards night and Commencement?
We know these are very important events for our students, families, and staff. Even if we can't
have traditional ceremonies, we are committed to honoring this momentous occasion for our
seniors. High school principals are working on alternative plans, and details will be shared

What will happen to spring and summer athletic seasons?
The Governor has announced that spring sports season has been cancelled. At West
Delaware, this means there will be no spring season for track, soccer, or golf.
No decision has been made yet for summer sports. At West Delaware these include softball
and baseball. We will keep the community informed as soon as the athletic associations make
decisions on summer athletics.