Good Neighbor Society Holding Up Well During COVID-19 Pandemic

The Good Neighbor Society in Manchester is holding up well during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Community Development Director Jessie Tibbott says everyone is doing okay.

The Good Neighbor Society has been using an abundance of caution to keep everyone safe too.

She says the staff is feeling some fatigue, but they are driven by the safety of their residents. And they’ve been keeping in close contact with the residents’ families.

Families can stay in touch with their loved ones at the Good Neighbor Home by mail, phone calls or video calls.

And families are also welcome to visit their loved ones through the window.

Any items that are brought in to the building are sanitized and held in quarantine until it’s safe to deliver. And if food is delivered, they’re removing it from the packaging and then delivering to the residents.

Tibbott says they truly appreciate everyone who has supported the Good Neighbor Society during the pandemic.