Iowans Encouraged to Vote Absentee for June Primary

Iowa voters are strongly encouraged to vote absentee for the upcoming June primary.

Secretary of State Paul Pate is mailing every registered voter in Iowa a form to request an absentee ballot. And he says they should begin showing up in mailboxes next week.

Pate used his emergency powers during the pandemic to take this step to encourage “early” voting for the June 2nd Primary.

The early voting period for June’s Primary Election starts today. Pate and county auditors across the state are urging Iowans to AVOID voting in person on Primary Day due to concerns about spreading the coronavirus among voters and poll workers.

Iowans may start casting early votes in-person at their county auditor’s office on Monday, May 4th.

You must be a registered Democrat or a registered Republican voter to cast a ballot in that party’s June Primary, but independent or “no party” voters may switch their registration to either party to participate.


story and audio contribution courtesy of Radio Iowa