Delaware County and City of Manchester Meeting to Discuss Abatement Disagreement

The Delaware County Supervisors and Manchester City Council will meet next week to decide how to move forward with a disagreement on an abatement with deferred taxes on the land of the new jail site.

The County Board of Supervisors say they were notified last year that there were deferred taxes on the parcels of land they purchased for the new Delaware County Sheriff’s Office and Jail. The site is located on West Howard Street on the far west end of Manchester.

The County Supervisors do not feel the county’s residents should be responsible for the $63,000 of deferred taxes on a ten-year old street.

However, the City says the County Supervisors were aware of the assessments before the County purchased the land and acknowledged they would pay them upon title transfer.

The County Supervisors recently sent a letter to the City Council, offering them the opportunity to take action to abate the deferred taxes. The County Supervisors considered taking action into their own hands at their meeting on Monday, but after meeting with City Manager Tim Vick and Mayor Milt Kramer, they decided to hold off on any action and meet as a group to discuss it further next week.