Monticello Nurse Sentenced for Stealing Patient’s Medication

A Monticello nurse has been sentenced for stealing a patient’s pain medication.

43-year old Kelly Postel plead guilty in February to two counts of acquiring morphine and fentanyl on multiple occasions from October through December of 2018.

In a plea agreement, Postel admitted that she obtained fentanyl and morphine by getting an excess amount of those pain meds from the hospital pharmacy and administering only a prescribed amount of medication to patients. She then used the rest of the pain medication while she was still working as a registered nurse caring for patients in the hospital.

Postel also admitted that while working in the intensive care unit at a Cedar Rapids hospital, she went into an unconscious patient’s room, used a syringe to remove fentanyl and another drug from the patient’s IV line and then used the drugs in the employee restroom at the hospital while she was still on duty.

Postel was sentenced to four months in prison and fined over $5,000. She was also ordered to pay restitution for the drugs she stole and the costs for prosecution and forfeit her nursing license.