Dyersville Receives Grant to Renovate Tegeler Dairy

Dyersville has received a grant to renovate one of town’s oldest buildings.

Tegeler Dairy has sat empty for a couple decades, but Dyersville Economic Development Director Jacque Rahe has wanted to do something with the building for years.

Rahe says there is now a purchase offer in place for developers to fix the old building to include apartments and commercial space.

The total project is expected to cost $859,000.

On Tuesday, the Iowa Economic Development Authority announced it was awarding the City $100,000 to renovate Tegeler Dairy. It’s a grant through the state’s Community Catalyst Building Remediation Program, which was created to help create fundamental positive changes in Iowa’s downtowns.

Delhi and Independence were also among the grant recipients. Delhi received a $100,000 grant to renovate 314 and 312 Franklin Street and Independence received a $100,000 grant for the Leytze Building Catalyst Project.