Delaware County Fair Results Day One

Animals/Ag and Natural Resources

Mikayla Willenborg

Alternate—Caleb Stocks

Science, Engineering, and Technology

Adam Cook

Kael Gaul

Sage Klostermann

Maria Sperfslage

Tyler Hoeger

Alternate—Grace Helle

Alternate—Cooper Eschen

Personal Development/Music/Health

Emma Dunkel

Alaina Their

Alternate—James Natchman

Communications 4-H Poster

Kaya Knipper

Annie Gulick


Avery Carroll

Ila Fontaine

Dannielle Burkle

Belle McGovern

Leah Ries

Shelby Krogman

Cooper Eschen

Madelyn Hoeger

Adam Cook

Abbie Sheehy

Kaitlyn Nolan

Hayden Tucker

Alternate—Ethan McGovern

Alternate—Alison Deutmeyer

Alternate—Makayla Gasper

Alternate—Kendyll Rave

Alternate—Mackenzie Kluesner

Alternate—Natalie Beilby

Alternate—Aleah Heims

Alternate—Sophie Dunkel

Visual Arts

Kael Gaul

Ethan McGovern

Hailey Hellmann

Belle McGovern

Emma Dunkel

Micah Hahn

Alternate—Josie Goebel

Alternate—Ila Fontaine

Alternate—Sydney Bolsinger

Child Development/Clothing/Sewing & Needle Arts/Consumer Management/Other

Leah Thier

Nicholas Stocks

Alternate—Natalie Besler

Alternate—Caleb Stocks

Food and Nutrition

Mikayla Willenborg

Lauren Hoefer

Katherine Comley

Brianna Pirc

Alternate—Natalie Beilby

Alternate—Mikayla Willenborg

Alternate—Addison Stoerp

Home Improvement

Sydney Demmer

Hannah Axline

Josie Goebel

Levis Mullis

Alternate—Abbie Sheehy

Alternate—Molly Mullis

2020 Dog Show winners:

 Champion Pre-Novice A-Mikayla Willenborg

Reserve Champion Pre-Novice A-Ella Cole

Champion Pre-Novice B -Cambrie Bahls

Champion Novice-Makayla Gasper

Champion Graduate Novice -Emma Dunkel

Reserve Champion Graduate Novice-Ella Cole

Champion Agility On-Leash Mikayla Willenborg

Champion Agility Off-Leash  Makayla Gasper 

Rabbit Show Winners:

Best Commercial Breeding- Xander Goedken

Best Commercial Opposite Sex-Trevor Grimm

Best Fancy-Breeding-Makayla Davis

Best Fancy Opposite Sex-Trevor Grimm

Grand Champion Rabbit-Makayla Davis

Reserve Grand Champion Rabbit-Trevor Grimm

Champion Junior Showman-Trevor Grimm

Reserve Champion Junior Showman-Natalie Beilby

Champion Intermediate Rabbit Showman-Avery Rausch

Reserve Champion Intermediate Rabbit Showman-Andrea Kann

Champion Senior Rabbit Showman-Blake Cook

Reserve Champion Senior Rabbit Showman-Makayla Davis

Junior Feeder Cattle Pen of 3 Show and Breeding Beef Heifer Show Winners

Champion Junior Cattle Feeder (Pen) Taylor Domeyer

Reserve Champion Junior Cattle Feeder-Rylee Domeyer

Champion Beef Carcass Live

Champion Rate of Gain-Maci Cook

And results from the Breeding Beef Show:

Champion Black Angus-Carter Klein

Reserve Champion Black Angus-Kyle Deutmeyer

Champion Chianiana Heifer-Logan Peyton

Reserve Champion Chianina Heifer-Lexi Krogmann

Champion Hereford Heifer-Ben Lueck

Reserve Champion Hereford Heifer-Teagan Langel

Champion Maintainer-Riley Dolan

Reserve Champion Maintainer-Miles Bockenstedt

Champion Red Angus-Taylor Domeyer

Reserve Champion Red Angus-Cooper Eschen

Champion Shorthorn Beef Heifer-Carley Ogden

Reserve Champion Shorthorn Beef Heifer-Erin Bonert

Champion Simmental Beef Heifer-Shane Stansberry

Reserve Champion Simmental Beef Heifer-Nathaniel Gaul

Champion Foundation Simmental Beef Heifer-Jenna Funke

Reserve Champion Foundation Simmental Beef Heifer-Carter Peyton

Champion Purebred Beef Heifer All other Breeds-Derek Bonert

Champion Crossbred Beef Heifer-Peyton Gaul

Reserve Champion Crossbred Beef Heifer-Lauren Krogmann

Champion Bred & Raised Aberdeen-Clayton Davis

Reserve Champion Bred & Raised Aberdeen-Carson Schnieders

Champion Bred & Raised Angus-Carter Klein

Reserve Champion Bred & Raised Angus-Madie Deutmeyer

Champion Bred & Raised Simmental-Ben Lueck

Reserve Champion Bred & Raised Simmental-Olivia Hilby

Champion Bred & Raised Beef Heifer-Other Breeds-Jayden Peyton

Reserve Champion Bred & Raised Beef Heifer Other Breeds-Conner Funk

Champion Bred & Raised Crossbred Beef Heifer-Claire Smith

Reserve Champion Bred & Raised Crossbred Beef Heifer-Jayden Hillers

Champion Bred & Raised Breeding Beef Heifer-Jayden Peyton

Reserve Champion Bred & Raised Breeding Beef Heifer-Ben Lueck

Supreme champion Breeding Heifer-Peyton Gaul

Reserve Supreme Champion Breeding Heifer-Jayden Peyton

Thank you to the many leaders, judges, members, and volunteers that helped make Monday a success.

Tuesday the fair will host the Pet, Poultry, Meat Goat, and Sheep shows.  For a full schedule of events please visit our website.  All shows will be livestreamed via our Delaware County Iowa 4-H Facebook Page for the public to enjoy!