Delaware County Fair Results Day Two

Tuesday was a busy day at the 2020 Delaware County Fair.  We hosted the Pet, Poultry, Meat Goat, and Sheep Shows.

Winners of the Pet Show were:

Champion Pet: Charlee Engelken

Reserve Champion Pet: Anne Dunkel

Champion Laying Flock-Pullets      Lacy Reth                                                           

Champion Laying Flock-Laying Hens               Aaron Dunkel                                            

Champion Market Poultry Heavyweight Broilers                 Aaron Dunkel                        

Champion Young Turkey      Mikayala Willenborg                                                                      

Champion Lightweight Ducks                            Mikayla Wilenborg                                             

Champion Heavyweight Ducks                Mikayla Wilenborg                

Champion Other Fowl-Bantams and Game Birds      R. J Helmrichs                                

Champion Other Fowl-Exotic and Ornamental Kyle Barrett                           

Champion Exhibition Standards              Mikayla Willenborg      

Grand Champion Poultry Exhibit             Lacy Reth                              

Reserve Grand Champion Poultry Exhibit                  Mikayla Willenborg      

Champion Junior Showman                              Natalie Ries       

Reserve Champion Junior Showman      Ella Keister                  

Champion Intermediate Showman                    Kendra Lux                                     

Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman     Caden Ries                           

Champion Senior Showman          Aaron Dunkel                                           

Reserve Champion Senior Showman               Maci Cook                                       

Following the Poultry Show we held the Meat Goat Show winners included

Champion Breeding Goat     Mason Kruse                                                                         

Reserve Champion Breeding Goat          Alison Schulte                                                    

Champion Pygmy/Miniature/Fainting Goat                 Mikayla Willenborg                                  

Reserve Champion Pygmy/Miniature/Fainting Goat                     Mikayla Willenborg         

Champion Dairy Wether Goat                  Carson Schnieders                                                     

Reserve Champion Dairy Wether Goat             Lindsey Harter                                          

Grand Champion Market Goat                 Mason Kruse                                                      

Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat                     Isabell Kruse                                   

Champion Junior Goat Showman                                                  Alison Schulte              

Reserve Champion Junior Goat Showman                                   Karli Postel

Champion Intermediate Goat Showman                     Kaya Knipper     

Reserve Champion Intermediate Goat Showman      Amelia Schnieders                                  

Champion Senior Goat Showman                     Jacob Demmer  

Reserve Champion Senior Goat Showman                                  Mason Kruse               

The evening concluded with the Sheep Show.  Results include:

Champion Purebred Ewe      Kinley Kolbet                                                                         

Reserve Champion Purebred Ewe          Kennedy Kolbet                                                 

Champion Purebred Ram                                                     Vedah Langel                        

Reserve Champion Purebred Ram                                                          Kinley Kolbet         

Champion Grade Ewe           Bianka Ronnebaum              

Reserve Champion Grade Ewe     Aaron Knipper                       

Champion Grade Ram                     Kinley Kolbet               

Reserve Champion Grade Ram     Kirstyn Kolbet                                           

Champion Lightweight Market Lamb                 Kirstyn Kolbet                                           

Reserve Champion Lightweight Market Lamb                     Kinley Kolbet                         

Champion Medium Weight Market Lamb                             Aaron Knipper   

Reserve Champion Medium Weight Market Lamb              Kirstyn Kolbet    

Champion Medium Heavyweight Market Lamb          Lanae LeClere                                

Reserve Champion Medium Heavyweight Market Lamb    Haley Ronnebaum                         

Champion Heavyweight Market Lamb              Bianka Ronnebaum                                          

Reserve Champion Heavyweight Market Lamb                  Lanae LeClere                      

Grand Champion Market Lamb               Bianka Ronnebaum                                                    

Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb                    Lanae LeClere                                

Champion Home Raised Market Lamb             Caden Kremer                                          

Reserve Champion Home Raised Market Lamb                 Aaron Knipper             

Champion Junior Showman                     Ford Domeyer                                                    

Reserve Champion Junior Showman               Madeline Fink                                           

Champion Intermediate Showman                    Braden Ronnbaum                                            

Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman              Caden Kremer                                

Champion Senior Showman                              Bianka Ronnebaum                                          

Reserve Champion Senior Showman               Haley Ronnebaum                                            

Today we will host the Dairy Show, and Cow/Calf Show!  You can find a full schedule of events on our website.  We will also be livestreaming our shows on the Delaware County Iowa 4-H Facebook page.