Clayton County Fish Kill Traced to Agricultural Cooperative

A fish kill in Clayton County this week has been traced to an agricultural cooperative.

A resident reported the fish kill to the DNR fisheries staff, who responded and found dead minnows, carp, suckers and other species of fish along nearly three miles of Roberts Creek before it flows into the Turkey River.

DNR field staff investigated the site on Tuesday, finding elevated ammonia levels in a drainage ditch below Three Rivers FS. Co-op staff told the DNR they had emptied a secondary containment structure around a fertilizer tank on Monday. DNR field tests show water emptied from that structure had high levels of ammonia.

The co-op cleaned the containment area and found a potential contamination source. Three Rivers FS managers are upgrading water-testing equipment and will train their staff on testing and monitoring the area.

The DNR will monitor clean-up and they’ll consider appropriate enforcement action.

The DNR reminds the public that any spills of hazardous substances must be reported to the DNR as soon as possible, but no later than six hours after a spill has occurred or was discovered.