Garnavillo and Oelwein Companies Awarded Funding from State

A start-up company in Garnavillo has been awarded funding from the Iowa Economic Development Authority Board.

Aeroseeder builds drone seeders to carry out cover crop seeding. In Garnavillo, the company created the small seeding aircraft to maximize efficiency. The drones can be applied where land-based equipment cannot be used or where manned aircrafts are not economical. The company was awarded a $25,000 POCR loan for product refinement, equipment and key personnel.

Aeroseeder was one of seven start-ups approved for innovation funding from the state. Five established companies also received funding, including ICE Manufacturing in Oelwein, which is expanding its existing facility. The board awarded the project $250,000 in direct financial assistance, as well as tax benefits through the HQJ program. It’s expected to create 33 incented jobs at a qualifying wage of $16.35 per hour.