NWS Estimates Derecho’s Wind Speeds Reached 130 Miles Per Hour

The derecho that hit Iowa last week may have been stronger than originally thought.

The highest recorded wind speed from last Monday’s derecho was 112 mph at Midway in Linn County.

But the National Weather Service has been talking with emergency managers across eastern Iowa, as well as studying photos and videos. And on Monday, they announced that a swath of damage from Benton County, through portions of Linn, Jones and Cedar counties, was consistent with intermittent winds in the 110 to 130 mile per hour range. A radio transmission tower north of Marion collapsed due to straight line winds estimated around 130 miles per hour – the speed of those winds would be equivalent to a strong EF2 tornado.

The most extreme winds estimated at 110 to 130 mph destroyed or damaged numerous homes, mobile homes, apartment buildings, outbuildings, barns, grain bins, trees and power poles in Linn, Jones, Benton and Cedar counties. Several semi trucks were also blown off major highways.

You can find a map above that shows the estimated wind speeds as the derecho passed through eastern Iowa.

The National Weather Service says they’ll release more information in the coming weeks as they continue to talk with more emergency managers and gather more photos and videos.