West Delaware’s Second Class of Welding Apprentices Graduates

A second group of students has graduated from West Delaware’s welding apprenticeship program.

Kaden Baldwin, Reed Northburg and Levi Mullis, all Class of 2020 graduates, were recognized for completing the intense program during a special ceremony at the high school on Friday.

Welding instructor Seth Harms says those three students put in a lot of work.

Each student worked at a different manufacturing company in Delaware County. Kaden Baldwin spent his time with Paladin Attachments in Delhi.

Reed Northburg completed the program while working at XL Specialized Trailers.

And Levi Mullis worked at Henderson’s in Manchester. He says he entered the apprenticeship program with the goal of getting a good job in welding.

The welding apprenticeship program kicked off at West Delaware in the fall of 2018 and seven students have now passed through the program. Welders are still in demand in Delaware County, so Harms says these students are helping their communities while also helping themselves.

The program has five apprentices heading into the fall. Harms says he’s hoping to hire a few more, but he’ll see how the school year plays out.


photo courtesy of Janelle Tucker/KMCH