Field of Dreams Movie Site Adds Event Center and Gift Shop

The Field of Dreams Movie Site in Dyersville has been busy making some improvements this past year.

In addition to the temporary stadium that was built by Major League Baseball that is now being torn down, the movie site has a few other changes.

Manager Roman Weinberg says they’ve been working on renovating the movie’s famous farmhouse, where visitors can spend the night.

The Field of Dreams Movie Site also now features a new gift shop, which was built during the off-season, as well as an event center.

Weinberg says they do have some events scheduled for next year, but they’re trying to fill up the rest of this season – so they’re offering a special discount of 50% of all rental packages through the end of October.

A ribbon cutting was recently held at the movie site. If you’d like more information about staying at the newly-renovated farmhouse or renting out the new event center at the Field of Dreams Movie Site, you can call their main office at 875-7253 or email Weinberg says they also just finished revamping their website this week – you can check it out at


photos courtesy of Field of Dreams and Dyersville Chamber