Senator Grassley Visits Delaware County Farm Bureau

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley was in Manchester on Thursday morning to meet with Delaware County Farm Bureau members.

The senator spent an hour with about twenty members, answering questions and hearing concerns that mostly revolved around the ag community.

Thursday wrapped up Senator Grassley’s 40th year of his annual 99 County Tour across Iowa. Topics frequently raised at this year’s meetings included coronavirus economic relief, prescription drug pricing, transparency in the cattle industry, bipartisanship, derecho disaster aid, rural health care and telehealth, immigration, congressional oversight and investigations, rural broadband, the national debt, the Renewable Fuel Standard and international trade and federal regulations.

Grassley says he first started the annual 99 county tour after overhearing a comment during his first year in office forty years ago.

And other elected officials, including Senator Joni Ernst, have followed in his footsteps, making efforts to visit every county in their area each year too.

Senator Grassley wrapped up his 99 County Tour for the year on Thursday with stops in Delaware, Dubuque, Jackson and Clinton counties.


photo courtesy of Janelle Tucker/KMCH