West Delaware Updates Return to Learn Plan

West Delaware has updated their Return to Learn Plan to keep parents informed on the status of COVID-19 within the school district.

Current contact tracing and quarantine information numbers will be shared via the school’s website and updated weekly. There are currently six cases among students and no cases among staff.  92 students and 6 staff members are currently quarantined.

Decision making protocol for quarantine has been updated: If a staff member tests positive or shows symptoms, they must stay home and follow medical advice. Superintendent Dr. Kristen Rickey will notify parents of quarantined students through School Messenger.

When student in a classroom tests positive, the situation will be analyzed on a case by case basis. This is a change from the initial guidance to quarantine the entire classroom. In many cases this isn’t necessary based on the definition of exposure, and can place unnecessary hardship on the family. Review of interaction with other staff and students will determine if further quarantine is necessary based on the CDC definition of exposure of being within 6 feet for 15 continuous minutes over 48 hours prior to exposure. Review of classroom seating, classroom activity grouping, athletics, lunch, transportation, and other interactions will all be reviewed. Selected pre-kindergarten through 12 grade students and staff who meet criteria for exposure will be placed under quarantine order directed by the Department of Public Health. Dr. Rickey will notify parents of quarantined students through School Messenger.

The name of the student or staff member who tested positive will not be given nor confirmed if asked due to confidentiality of health information.

Students who are under quarantine order will be expected to participate in remote learning. The teacher responsible will be in touch with students/families within 24 hours after the next school day following the quarantine order.

Due to the increased virus activity in Iowa and in Delaware County in particular, and due to the difficulty in maintaining six foot of distance within all classrooms at all times, the district is now asking that students wear masks throughout the day. If a student needs accommodations or additional mask breaks, parents are being asked to contact your building principal to discuss options.