Group of Local Investors Buy Edgewood’s Grocery Store

Karl’s Grocery Store in Edgewood is under new ownership.

A group of local residents have come together as investors to purchase the business after a sale fell through earlier this year. Edgewood resident Art Johnson says the grocery store has been part of the Edgewood community for decades – and they’re weren’t ready to lose it.

Johnson is part of a group of 25 to 30 investors for Karl’s Grocery Store – and he says they’ve been adding one or two new investors each day.

Johnson says the investors aren’t grocers – Jeannette Moorehouse is staying on as the manager of the store, with Karl’s current employees staying too.

With a new Dollar General store opening in Edgewood this week, many people have asked the board how they feel that will impact Karl’s Grocery.

He knows the Edgewood community will continue to support the grocery store – it’s something every small town needs.

If you are interested in investing in Karl’s Grocery Store, you can contact one of the board members or Edgewood Chamber Director Elise Bergan at 928-7036.


photo courtesy of Morgan Kendrick