Manchester’s Good Neighbor Home Experiencing COVID-19 Outbreak

The Good Neighbor Home in Manchester is experiencing an outbreak of COVID-19 cases.

The state’s coronavirus website listed twelve positive cases there on Monday, but Community Development Director Jessie Tibbott says they currently have eight residents who have tested positive for the virus.

Information about the cases is sent out to residents and their families to keep them informed, so any extended family wondering about the situation is asked to reach out to their resident’s primary contact rather than contacting the Good Neighbor Home.

Tibbott says Delaware County’s current numbers indicate that they need to test team members twice a week and residents weekly, with the exception of the people in the unit who tested positive – they are being tested twice a week to stay ahead of the spread.

The Good Neighbor Society says visits are still allowed during the outbreak, but only window visits with closed windows.

Tibbott says they’ve had a lot of practice preparing for an outbreak and they’re doing what they can to the best of their ability.

Tibbott says there’s one simple way you can show your support for the Good Neighbor Society – help protect your community and the GNH team members by wearing your masks when out in public. And she says an uplifting way to show your support would be to grab some chalk and write team members encouraging messages on the sidewalks of the Good Neighbor Home campus.