Neighbors Concerned about Plans for New Hog Confinement North of Manchester

Some residents are concerned about plans for a new hog confinement building north of Manchester.

The Delaware County Board of Supervisors have heard from over a dozen residents who have frustrations about the facility being proposed by Adam Schulte. The confinement would house just under 2,500 head of hogs east of Honey Creek Road and north of 195th Street in Section 21 of Delaware Township (location of the proposed confinement is shown as a dot in the image above). Supervisor Shirley Helmrichs says around fifteen neighbors attended the Board’s meeting Monday to express their concerns.

Helmrichs says the County Supervisors have also received numerous phone calls from residents frustrated with the plans. She says their concerns range from the smell of hog confinements to how the new facility will look in their neighborhood.

She says while the project is out of the County’s hands, there is something residents who have concerns can do themselves.

The County received Schulte’s manure management plan last week. No word on when construction of the new hog confinement building will take place.


image courtesy of DNR