City of Manchester Opposed to Hog Confinement Facility Proposed North of Town

The City of Manchester is opposed to a hog confinement facility that’s proposed to be built just north of town, but city officials admit there’s not much they can do to prevent it from happening.

Adam Schulte has proposed to build a new hog confinement facility that would house just under 2,500 head of hogs a quarter mile north of Honey Creek Road – that’s three-eighths of a mile away from the Manchester city limits.

City Manager Tim Vick says around thirty neighbors and residents, many living on Honey Creek Road and Crescent Drive close to this proposed site, showed up at Monday night’s Manchester City Council meeting to share their concerns and frustrations about the project, with over 460 residents signing a petition against the plans.

Former DNR employee Gene Tinker was at the meeting too, offering to help answer some questions from the residents and the City.

The DNR has told KMCH that if the Construction Design Statement and Manure Management Plan submitted to their office are found to be complete, the rules allow for the start of construction of the facility 30 days after the DNR has received the documents. The DNR says the documents were received by their office on September 10th, so if they are found to be complete in accordance with the rules, construction would be allowed on or after October 10th.

The City says while there isn’t much they can do about this proposed hog confinement facility, they have signed a resolution opposing the construction of any proposed confined animal feeding operation within two miles of the City’s corporate limits.

Vick says the next step is working with the legislature to get the laws changed to protect the City from future hog confinement facilities in the future. He suggests local residents contact State Senator Dan Zumbach and State Representative Lee Hein as well. Residents have also been reaching out directly to Adam Schulte with their concerns about his plans.