Purple Caps Given to RMC Newborns in November & December

During the month of November and December, babies born at Regional Medical Center (RMC) are given a purple hat, handmade by our volunteers. These PURPLE caps are given in efforts to spread awareness of the Period of PURPLE Crying. Around 2 weeks through 3-4 months, babies go through what is called the “Period of Purple Crying” where soothing methods don’t always seem to help. 

Our OB Department participates in this campaign to bring awareness and reassurance to parents that this phase is only temporary and not to worry. PURPLE is an acronym to describe the experience parents and their babies go through:

P (Peak of Crying)

U (Unexpected)

R (Resists Soothing)

P (Pain-Like Face) 

L (Long Lasting)

E (Evening)

An increase in infant crying can be frustrating, confusing, and can trigger shaking and abuse. “Constant crying is the number one reason that causes parents to shake their baby,” states LeAnn Fenton, Acute Care Director at RMC. “By shaking a newborn baby, you can create dangerous, long-lasting effects such as blindness, seizures, learning and physical disabilities, and even death.”

If you have any questions or concerns on your infant’s behavior, please don’t hesitate to contact your healthcare provider. 

Shaken Baby Syndrome is preventable through awareness and preparedness. If you want to learn more about this campaign – visit dontshake.org/purple-crying.


photo of newborn Hank Manternach courtesy of RMC