HS SPORTS: Thursday Preview

By Jon Swisher-Sports Director:

 The one-day high-school version of the Drake Relays is today inside Drake Stadium in Des Moines.

The schedule is as follows:

9:00 a.m. 800m Medley HS, Girls, Final
9:13 a.m. 3000m Run HS, Girls, Final
9:28 a.m. 3200m Run HS, Boys, Final
9:43 a.m. 4 X 100m HS, Girls, Prelims
10:01 a.m. 4 X 100m HS, Boys, Prelims
10:19 a.m. 4 X 800m HS, Girls, Final
10:33 a.m. 4 X 800m HS, Boys, Final
10:47 a.m. Shuttle Hurdle HS, Girls, Final
11:02 a.m. Shuttle Hurdle HS, Boys, Final
11:17 a.m. 100m HS, Girls, Final
11:27 a.m. 100m HS, Boys, Final
11:37 a.m. 1600m Medley HS, Boys, Final
11:56 a.m. 400m HS, Girls, Final
12:02 p.m. 400m HS, Boys, Final

Field Events
9:30 a.m. High Jump HS, Girls, Final
9:30 a.m. Discus HS, Girls, Final
10:00 a.m. Shot Put HS, Boys, Final
10:00 a.m. Long Jump HS , Boys, Final

Thursday Afternoon-

Field Events
1:00 p.m. HIgh Jump HS, Boys, Final
1:00 p.m. Discus HS, Boys, Final
1:30 p.m. Shot Put HS, Girls, Final
1:30 p.m. Long Jump HS, Girls, Final

1:00 p.m. 400m Wheelchair HS, Coed, Final
1:05 p.m. 4 x 200m HS, Girls, Final
1:18 p.m. 4 x 200m HS, Boys, Final
1:31 p.m. 100m Hurdles HS, Girls, Final
1:46 p.m. 110m Hurdles HS, Boys, Final
2:01 p.m. 800m HS, Girls, Final
2:08 p.m. 800m HS, Boys, Final
2:14 p.m. 400m Hurdles HS, Girls, Final
2:21 p.m. 400m Hurdles HS, Boys, Final
2:27 p.m. 1500m HS, Girls, Final
2:33 p.m. 1600m HS, Boys, Final
2:39 p.m. 4 X 100m HS, Girls, Final
2:44 p.m. 4 X 100m HS, Boys, Final
2:49 p.m. 4 X 400m HS, Girls, Final
3:07 p.m. 4 X 400m HS, Boys, Final
3:23 p.m. 4 X 100m MS, Girls, Final
3:40 p.m. 4 X 100m MS, Boys, Final

West Delaware will host their Girls invitational at the Track and Field complex in Manchester with a 4:45 start time for field events with running underway at 5:00.

Besides the Hawks these teams will be there:

Central Elkader 
Dike-New Hartford 
Maquoketa Valley
Western Dubuque

The West Delaware Boys will be at Denver.

The WD Girls Golf team will be playing Benton Community and Maquoketa near Van Horne.