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Manchester Rotary Club Elects New Officers

Manchester Rotary Club Elects New Officers

The Manchester Rotary Club has elected new officers. Emily Peyton will serve as President, with Doris Sherman as President-Elect, Dave Smith as Past President and Ann Manson as Treasurer. The Manchester Rotary Club has gained over a dozen new members this past year by getting out in the community and visiting with businesses. The Rotary

Prairieburg Recovering from Tornado Damage

The Red Cross has been working in Prairieburg since Wednesday night, helping the small Linn County community recover from the large tornado that moved through town. Disaster responders are in Prairieburg working with the Salvation Army to provide food to affected families. A Red Cross emergency response vehicle has been driving through storm-damaged neighborhoods, delivering

New Flags and Flag Poles in Ryan

The City of Ryan has installed a couple of new flags and flag poles. The new flags and flag poles were put up at the new city entrance sign along Highway 13, as well as the City Office. There will also be another one put in at the city park in the near future after

Delhi City Park Home to New Tree Sculpture

If you’ve driven by the Delhi City Park recently, you may have noticed the new tree sculpture. The City says the tree had been dead for awhile. When they decided to cut it down, local resident Dave Fink approached the City with the idea of having a chainsaw artist sculpt the tree trunk into a