Delaware County Conservation Photo Contest

Delaware County Conservation is once again sponsoring a 2017 photo contest for amateur photographers! 

Photos can be entered in three different categories:

  • Nature – landscape, flowers, seasons, etc
  • Wildlife – no domestic animals
  • People enjoying a Delaware County Park or Wildlife Area – photos must be labeled with the Park or Wildlife Area where taken. They must be taken in a DELAWARE COUNTY PARK – state and city parks will be disqualified.

All photos must be taken in Delaware County, depicting natural areas.  Photos must be taken in 2017.  They can be either color or black and white prints, but only size 4×6 will be accepted. Photos cannot be bordered, matted or mounted and must be printed on photo paper.  Photos that are emailed will not be accepted.

Each photo entered must be labeled on the back and indicate where the picture was taken, category of the entry, your name, address and phone number.  Each individual can enter up to three photos in each category.

Winning photos in each category will be awarded $40 for 1st place, $20 for 2nd place and $10 for 3rd place.  An individual can only win once per category.

All entries must be received by 4 pm on Thursday, October 18, 2017.

The Conservation Board reserves the right to make copies of any photo entries and may use them in future promotional materials.  By submitting an entry, the photo becomes the property of Delaware County Conservation Department.

To view the rules of the photo contest, go to and follow the link for the 2017 Delaware County Conservation Photo Contest or contact the Delaware County Conservation Office at 563-927-3410.