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Strawberry Days Truck, Tractor & Semi Pull

June 13 @ 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Pull Begins at 11AM Sharp!
$25 per hook unless stated otherwise
Adults $8
12 & under $2
5 & under free
Lunch stand on grounds. Coolers welcome. Not responsible for accidents.
General Rules
1. Vehicles can only receive payback once per class
2. First puller of the class is test puller & can pull in last position only if the sled needs reweighted
3. All pullers have the chance to move the sled 75ft
4. Any objects falling off the vehicle is an automatic DQ
5. All drivers under 18 must have a parent consent form
6. Competition driver must be seated on/in the vehicle when his/her engine is being started and must have control of the vehicle at all times
7. Judges decisions are final
8. All complaints must be registered before the pull
9. No overweight allowance
10. Reckless driving by spectators or competitors will not be tolerated and will be asked to leave the premises immediately
11. No alcohol allowed in the pits until the pull is over
12. No alcohol allowed until tractors/trucks are loaded and chained down
13. Light limited class is ECI rules
In memory of Gary & Laurie Maker
Pickups: 1st place $200 2nd place $100
Tractors 1st place $400 2nd place $200
no weight limit
entry fee $35
open-no chains or cables on tires
any weight. no 4wf tractors
2wd tractors only
all vehicles must follow general rules unless advised above
all vehicles must have safety equipment
SPONSORED BY A+ Distributing
TRACTORS -Farm Stock
non-cute tires. no down draft carb/ minimum 4 hooks per class
4500 Farm Class
Classes 4500-5500-6500-7500-8500 max speed 4mph
18.4×38 tire limit/non cut tires/stock rpm
classes 10500-13000 6mph
non turbo open class 5500-6500-7500
cut tires allowed/naturally aspirated- max draw bar height 20″ min length 18″ center of axle
6500 classic class sponsored by cenpeco 8mph cut tires allowed. $200 added
Tractor info call
Bob Maker 563-933-6463
Matt Smith 563-608-1087
6000lb Street Stock/naturally aspirated 2 & 4 wheel Drive
2 Wheel drive 6200 & 6500 improved stock
4 wheel drive 6200 & 6500 improved stock class
8500 modified stock diesel trucks
Pickup info call
Steven Nachtman 563-920-9741
Michael Tekippe 563-920-1706
$50 per hook
must be stock appearance
3000 rpm max
must be licensed and have a fifth wheel
Semi info call
Bob Maker 563-933-6463
Nikki Maker 563-920-3700
light limited pro stock 640 cube limited RPM
1. 9000-3000 rpm 18.4×38 10 mph
2.12000-3000rpm 20.8×38 or 18.4×42 12 mph
3. 9000-95000-10500-single turbo 466 cube limit 15 mph
4. 9500-10500-single turbo 466 cube limit no speed
5. 11500-12500-3000 rpm 20.8×38 or 18.4×42 no speed limit
6. 11500-12500-3000rpm 20.8×38 or 18.4×42 650 cube limit 12 MPH


June 13
11:00 am - 5:00 pm