“Greenie” Passing On Love of Balloon Art to Kids



A Manchester man passed on his love of balloon art to the community this Saturday.


Paul Kammarmeyer, also known as “Greenie”, has been creating balloon figures for over twenty years in the Manchester area after getting his start from a local magician.

Kammarmeyer’s hobby and side business of twisting balloons into hats, animals and other fun figures has brought joy to thousands of people over the years – you may have seen his little green stand at festivals and fundraisers. But after a recent cancer diagnosis, Kammarmeyer is ready to pass on his love of balloon art to others.

The City of Manchester organized a special event called “Balloon-a-Palooza” held last Saturday, March 11th at the Delaware County Rec Center in Manchester. For just two dollars, kids of all ages were welcome to come and learn how to make balloon art from “Greenie”.



(photo by Janelle Tucker, KMCH)