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State Championship

285 Championship: Tyler Yonkovic (MV) DEC over Landan Paulsen (WC) 3-1 OT

220 Championship: Ryan Parmely (MV) DEC over Vinnie Harvey (St. Ed Ft. Dodge) 4-3

195 Championship: Tyler Hoffman (EB) DEC over Christian Brincks (SW) 8-4

182 Championship: Cash Wilcke (OABCIG) DEC over Kyle Fank (Indee) 2-1

Class 2A 3A 1A Session 7 2/22/14 10:00 am

126 7th Place Match: Brad Kerkhoff (Audubon) DEC over Jared Coyle (MV) 6-5

106 3rd Place Match: Jeremiah Colon (Newman) WBF over Brock Henderson (NL) 3:37

170 3rd Place Match: Brady Letney (PV) DEC over Max Lyon (WD) 5-3

152 7th Place Match: Dylan Gansen (WD) DEC over Deion Clayborne (SC NORTH) 9-3

132 5th Place Match: Matt Wempen (Linn Mar) WBF over Austin Hosch (WD) 5:35

285 3rd Place Match: Daniel Pike (Monticello) DEC over Dylan VanDusen (WL) 11-8

170 5th Place Match: Brent Lammers (WD) WBF over Trevor Frain (Creston) 4:27

160 3rd Place Match: Brett Leshen (Albia) DEC over Jake Voss (WD) 10-5

145 3rd Place Match: Chase Straw (Indee) DEC over Cole Erickson (Mediapolis) 5-3 OT

138 3rd Place Match: Christian Fox (Osage) WBF over Cody Naber (Beckman) 2:49

126 3rd Place Match: Shadow Leshen (Albia) Maj Dec over Sam Phillips (WD) 12-3

113 3rd Place Match: Patrick Woods (WD) DEC over Brandon Mayer (Crestwood) 5-1

138 Cons Semifinal: Connor Shulista (Alburnett) DEC over Sawyer Amling (EdCo) 3-1

106 Cons Semifinal: Brock Henderson (NL) DEC over Tanner Greenwald (Wilton) 5-3

170 Cons Semifinal: Max Lyon (WD) DEC over Mitchell Otto (SCE) 4-3

132 Cons Semifinal: Clint Lembeck (CRX) DEC over Austin Hosch (WD) 3-2

285 Cons Semifinal: Daniel Pike (MMonticello) WBF over Bobby Heilman (I35) 2:45

170 Cons Semifinal: Adam Drain (Mediapolis) DEC over Brent Lammers (WD) 9-7

160 Cons Semifinal: Jake Voss (WD) WBF over Beau Sorenson (FC) 1:50

145 Cons Semifinal: Chase Straw (Indee) DEC Tristen Finch (Dav Assumption) 3-1

138 Cons Semifinal: Cody Naber (Beckman) WBF over Grant Sherman (Saydel) 5:50

126 Cons Semifinal: Sam Phillips (WD) DEC over Zach Underhill (EML) 5-3

113 Cons Semifinal: Patrick Woods (WD) DEC over Jacob Fenske (Dav Assumption) 7-1


State Tournament Coverage will get underway at 10 am with consolation semifinals in all classes followed by the placing matches here is a look at who our area wrestlers will be wrestling.

Saturday State Preview

Roger Reed and Jamie Vaske caught up with some of our area coaches.

Jeff Voss Coaches Corner

Paul Cleary Coaches Corner

Michael Doyle Coaches Corner

Alex Hanna Coaches Corner

Brad Bridgewater Coaches Corner

Class 3A and 1A Session 6 2/21/14 8:30 pm

285 Semifinal: Tyler Yonkovic (MV) DEC over Ryley Howell (Wapello) 2-1

220 Semifinal: Ryan Parmely (MV) WBF over Blake Sappingfield (LB) 1:47

195 Semifinal: Tyler Hoffman (EB) DEC over Trey Sander (EHK) 10-4

138 Cons Quarterfinal: Sawyer Amling (EdCo) DEC over Coleby Bratrud (NK) 4-2

126 Cons Quarterfinal: Trent Johnson (DNH) DEC over Jared Coyle (MV) 7-4

106 Semifinal: Justin Portillo (CG) Maj Dec over Brock Henderson (NL) 12-2

170 Cons Quarterfinal: Max Lyon (WD) DEC over Mason Kerr (SEP) 10-3

152 Cons Quarterfinal: Jacob Woodard (Bett) WBF over Dylan Gansen (WD) 1:29

132 Cons Quarterfinal: Austin Hosch (WD) DEC over Zach Johnston (Norwalk) 5-1

Class 1A & 2A Session 5 2/21/14 3:30 pm.

138 Cons: Sawyer Amling (EdCo) Maj Dec over Chris Paulsen (Don Bosco) 13-4

126 Cons: Jared Coyle (MV) DEC over Cole Fox (Don Bosco) 5-4

285 Semifinal: Mario Pena (Hampton Dumont) DEC over Daniel Pike (Monitcello) 2-1

182 Semifinal: Kyle Fank (Indee) DEC over Joe Teague (Algona) 1-0

170 Cons: Brent Lammers (WD) DEC over Weslee Haynes (Wahlert) 2-0

152 Cons: Jake Voss (WD) WBF over Nick Baumler (NFV) 2:35

145 Semifinal: Chase Schiltz (Creston) DEC over Chase Straw (Indee) 3-1

138 Semifinal: Max Thompson (Union) WBF over Cody Naber (Beckman) 3:16

126 Semifinal: Brady Jennings (Osage) DEC over Sam Phillips (WD) 6-3

113 Cons: Patrick Woods (WD) Maj Dec over Shea Swafford (Mediapolis) 11-1

285 Quarterfinal: Tyler Yonkovic (MV) DEC over Joe Ricker (Mt Ayr) 3-1

220 Quarterfinal: Ryan Parmely (MV) WBF over Cody Schoop (SCC) 1:01

195 Quarterfinal: Tyler Hoffman (EB) WBF over Matt Montgomery (Lisbon) 3:09

138 Quarterfinal: Taylor Lehman (CG) DEC over Sawyer Amling (EdCo) 8-3

126 Quarterfinal: Brady Ruden Maj Dec over Jared Coyle (MV) 13-0

106 Quarterfinal: Brock Henderson (NL) DEC over Jordan Schmitz (Don Bosco) 5-2

Class 2A & 3A Session 4 2/21/14 9:00 am

170 Cons: Max Lyon (WD) WBF over Derek Mann (Marshalltown) 6:19

152 Cons: Dylan Gansen (WD) DEC over Sky Holmgren (WSR) 5-2

138 Cons: Joe McGinnis (Indianola) DEC over Andy Dougherty (WD) 4-2

132 Cons: Austin Hosch (WD) DEC over Levi Azinger (Pella) 3-2

195 Cons: Reed Dreyer (Humboldt) WBF over Matt McMillan (Indee) :40

170 Cons: Brent Lammers (WD) Maj Dec over Zach De Jaeger (Western Christian) 12-4

160 Cons: Jake Voss (WD) Maj Dec over JJ Clark (Clarinda) 13-4

113 Cons: Patrick Woods WBF over Samuel Klarenbeek (BHRV) 1:38

170 Quarterfinal: Blake Wolinski (DCG) DEC over Max Lyon (WD) 3-1

152 Quarterfinal: Travis Willers (PV) WBF over Dylan Gansen (WD) 1:09

285 Quarterfinal: Daniel Pike (Monticello) WBF over Kyle Davis (Columbus Junct) 5:36

195 Quarterfinal: Christian Brobst (SC Heelan) WBF over Matt McMillan (Indee) :30

182 Quarterfinal: Kyle Fank (Indee) Tech Fall over Julio Sanchez (Grinnell) 16-1

170 Quarterfinal: Tyler Lutes (BCLUW) DEC over Brent Lammers (WD) 8-3

145 Quarterfinal: Chase Straw (Indee) DEC over Bradley Irwin (Centerville) 4-2

138 Quarterfinal: Cody Naber (Beckman) DEC over Kieran Robuck (Knoxville) 4-3

126 Quarterfinal: Sam Phillips (WD) DEC over Parker Witthuhn (RSSC) 5-2

113 Quarterfinal: Brock Rathbun (CPU) DEC over Patrick Woods (WD) 6-4 OT

Session 3 Recap

Class 1A Session 3 2/20/14 7:00 pm

106: Brock Henderson (NL) DEC over Josh Jordan (Iowa Valley) 6-1

113: Jared Hensley (Bedford/Lenox) DEC over Gannon Cook (EB) 7-1

126: Jared Coyle (MV) DEC over Michael Olsen (Lake Mills) 14-11

138: Sawyer Amling (EdCo) DEC over Derik Bailey (MVAO) 6-4

152: Tucker Black (Eddyville) Maj Dec over Jett Kuhens (Starmont) 12-3

160: Kallan Schmelzer (SW Valley) WBF over Steve Huber (MV) 2:58

195: Tyler Hoffman (EB) WBF over Tyler Larson (Nashua Plainfield) 2:35

220: Ryan Parmely (MV) WBF over Sean O’Neill (St. Albert CB) 2:23

285: Landen Paulsen (WC) WBF over Kyler Schott (NL) 1:02

285: Tyler Yonkovic (MV) DEC over Cody Thompson (GT) 4-1

113 Cons: Jose Montes (West Sioux Hawarden) WBF over Gannon Cook (EB) 5:20

152 Cons: Noah Huber (Hudson) DEC over Jett Kuhens (Starmont) 6-3

160 Cons: Caden Doll (Lynnville Sully) Maj Dec over Steve Huber (MV) 11-1

285 Cons: Bryce Brown (Sigourney-Keota) WBF over Kyler Schott (NL) 1:46


Class 2A session 1 2/20/14 9:00 am

113: Patrick Woods (WD) WBF over Kyle Anderson (Washington) 1:01

113: Brock Rathbun (CPU) Maj Dec Mitch Evens (Indee) 16-2

126: Sam Phillips (WD) WBF over Dylan Forkner (Greene Co) 4:38

132: Trevor Harsh (ADM) DEC over Connor Wickan (WD) 1-0

138: Cody Naber (BECKMAN) WBF over Cain Blenderman (SBL) 3:46

145: Chase Straw (INDEE) WBF over Carter Cahill (Dewitt) 4:17

160: Brett Leshen (Albia) DEC over Jake Voss (WD) 5-3

170: Brent Lammers (WD) DEC over Grant Lehmann (Hampton Dumont) 7-3

182: Kyle Fank (Indee) DEC over Stefan Kinsinger (MOC) 8-2

195: Matt McMillan (Indee) DEC over Seth Maitlin (Creston) 5-3 OT

285: Daniel Pike (Monticello) DEC over Mitch Ciesielski (Indee) 1-0

113 Cons: Kyle Anderson (Washington) DEC over Mitch Evens (Indee) 8-3

132 Cons: Ryan Faught (Clear Lake) DEC over Connor Wickman (WD) 6-5

160 Cons: Jake Voss (WD) WBF over Ryan Woods (Osage) 5:19

285 Cons: Quinton Taylor (BC) DEC over Mitch Ciesielski (Indee) 5-2

Session 1 Recap

Class 3A Session 2 2/20/14 3:00 pm

106: McGwire Midkiff (CBTJ) DEC over Collin Koerperich (WD) 6-1

120: Michael Zachary (Dowling) WBF over Bailey Thurm (WD) 3:42

132: Chase Seaney (Fort Madision) DEC over Austin Hosch (WD) 5-1

138: Dakota Dawson (Newton) WBF over Andy Dougherty (WD) 1:56

152: Dylan Gansen (WD) DEC over Deion Clayborne (SC North) 3-1

170: Max Lyon (WD) WBF over Reggie Jones (DSM Roosevelt) 3:05

106 Cons: Travis Pulse (Dav West) DEC over Collin Koerperich (WD) 9-6

120 Cons: Nathan Sands (WSR) DEC over Bailey Thrum (WD) 4-3

132 Cons: Austin Hosch (WD) DEC over Justin Kaltved (Carroll) 4-1

138 Cons: Andy Dougherty (WD) WBF over Trey Schuler (CR Wash) 3:21

Session 2 Recap