Iowa Nice Guy Promoting Iowa Corn

The Iowa Corn Promotion Board is releasing a series of videos touting the state’s top crop featuring an actor known as the Iowa Nice Guy. Board president Larry Klever of Audubon says the videos are being posted on the Iowa Corn YouTube website.

Klever says, “We’re always looking for new ways to get our message out and we decided to team up with Scott Siepker and use his fun and energetic way of telling stories to help us out.”

Siepker made a name for himself several years ago with his snarky videos promoting the state of Iowa and catapulted onto national sports T-V programs with further commentary. Klever says the new videos will educate consumers about the different ways corn is used, from food to fuel.

“We talk about what is E-15 and high-fructose corn syrup, how it’s similar to cane sugar,” Klever says. “Also, your lawns versus our fields, water quality and sweet corn versus field corn.”

There are five videos produced in the series so far. If they’re a success, Klever says there will be more coming.
(story courtesy of Radio Iowa/KQWC)