June Valued Volunteer: Deb Schulte

Congratulations to the June Valued Volunteer, Deb Schulte.  Deb was recognized for her work with 4H, Edgewood and Elkport/Garber EMS, and the Elkport/Garber Community Club.  The Valued Volunteer is sponsored by Delaware County ISU Extension and the Manchester Chamber.  You can nominated someone here.  Below is the nomination letter sent in by Carmen Knipper:

Deb has been a very active member of the surrounding communities for many years. 
She has worked with the Clayton County 4-H Program for over 30 years either as a 4-H Leader or other committee member. Deb is an EMT with the Edgewood Ambulance Service and also the Elkport Garber Ambulance Service for the past 7 years. Her and her Husband Greg are active members of the Elkport Garber Community Club. They spend countless hours helping with the Community Center and are proud of the Wonderful Community Center Elkport has to offer. Deb is also on the Clayton County Ag Extension Council. Greg and Deb are members of St. Mary’s Church in Guttenberg. She recently stepped down from being a Leader of the Woodcenter Eagles 4-H Club. By no means is she giving up 4-H, this way she can help all of her grandkids with their 4-H projects and give other parents the opportunity to be Leaders. You will still see her helping the Woodcenter Eagles out from time to time. 
Some of the community activities the Woodcenter Eagles do, were implemented when she was a leader. They help with putting up the flags at the cemetery, planting flowers around town, cleaning the park, activities with seniors in the community, caroling and taking cookies to the assisted living and convalescent home at Christmas, and working the lunch stand at the rodeo for the past 29 years. 
Deb believes volunteering is important to help our communities and the people in it. There are several jobs with in our communities that would not get done without volunteers. Also it makes her feel good when she helps others. 
I asked her why people should volunteer and her response was ” Everyone has talents they can share with others. There are so many kids, adults, and older people that need help and will appreciate your help. Our communities need volunteers to help them exist and grow.”
She feels strongly in the 4-H Program. It is a great program for encouraging kids to volunteer and do community service. It teaches them Citizenship, Leadership, Friendship, and Communication. 
As her Daughter I see the joy that volunteering gives my Mom. She has helped raise a lot of the neighboring kids in the last 30 years through 4-H. I believe they look up to her and see what a Wonderful Person that she is. I personally know her children and grandchildren see the passion she has for helping her communities and makes them want to help too. Grandma asks for help at various activities and they are willing to work by her side. Her volunteering and working within her communities has taught all of us the importance of volunteering and how it makes our communities better. 
I whole heartily believe my Mom deserves a Valued Volunteer Award!!