Kammarmeyers Surprised With trip To Scotland

What started out as a visit to Manchester by “Kindness Diaries” author Leon Logothetis, turned into a very special surprise for the man known by many as “Greenie”:

That was Jill Carpenter who along with her sisters Jamie Schulte and Megan Kammarmeyer surprised their parents Paul and Laura Kammarmeyer:

After being diagnosed with cancer, Paul told his family a few wishes he had, and going to Scotland was one of them.   After learning that an anonymous donor would help make the trip possible, the daughters knew that a great time to tell their parents about the trip would be at the event featuring Logothetis, which was arranged by Manchester native Jeff Lenhart. Laura says Paul and Jeff formed a bond many years ago:

Jeff remembers the kindness shown to him by not only Paul, but his family too:

Logothetis says the evening showed that kindness comes in many forms:

Logothetis’ television series “The Kindness Diaries” is now available on Netflix.