The “KMCH, Bring Me My Lunch” contest has wrapped up for 2017!

For the past three weeks (October 2nd through the 20th), we’ve asked farmers to enter the contest with their names and cell phone numbers. At 9:30 am each weekday, we drew a name and called that farmer – and if they answered their phone by saying “KMCH, Bring Me My Lunch”, that’s exactly what we did! We delivered them lunch for four from one of our local restaurants – right to their farm or field.

Thanks to this year’s participating restaurants – Widner’s Ice Cream Parlor, Aunt Emmy’s, Manchester Dairy Queen, Pizza Ranch, Pin Oak, Cooper’s Place, The Bread Basket, Olive That Deli and Lightning Lanes!

And thanks to the contest’s sponsor, Simon’s Grain & Feed, who provided a goody bag full of souvenirs, along with the Delaware County Pork Producers in honor of October Pork Month!

Congratulations to this year’s winning farmers…

Day 15 – Mark Francois of rural Dundee


Day 14 – Jason Sullivan of rural Edgewood


Day 13 – Charlie Wilgenbusch of rural Manchester


Day 12 – Bruce Cole of rural Ryan


Day 11 – Curt Boeckenstedt of rural Edgewood


Day 10 – Bruce Knipper of rural Hopkinton


Day 9 – Larry Maiers of rural Earlville


Day 8 – Donna Schuman of rural Greeley


Day 7 – Tom Wulfekuhle of rural Greeley/Edgewood 


Day 6 – Steve Ries of rural Manchester


Day 5 – Dale Heims of rural Delhi


Day 4 – Diane Koch of rural Petersburg


Day 3 – Lawrence Werner of rural Manchester


Day 2 – Curtis Nefzger of rural Manchester/Delaware 


Day 1 – Becky Lindsay of rural Masonville/Winthrop (with Trish Lindsay accepting on her behalf)


We even delivered lunch to the crew at Simon’s Grain & Feed in Manchester on the final day as a thank you for being a great sponsor!
Stay safe during the rest of the harvest, everyone! We’ll do it again next year!