Manchester Replacing Two Fire Trucks

The Manchester Fire Department will be replacing two of its fire trucks.

The two trucks – an equipment truck and a tanker truck – are both due for replacement. It will cost about 280-thousand dollars to replace the equipment truck and about 230-thousand dollars to replace the tanker.

Fire Chief Mike Ryan has been working with City staff on plan to replace the trucks. There is 259-thousand dollars in the Fire Truck Reserve fund that could be used towards the equipment truck, with the Manchester Fire Fighters Association picking up the remaining 21-thousand dollars. For the tanker truck, the fire department is seeking 125-thousand dollars from the City, with the remaining 105-thousand dollars coming from the Fire Fighters Association.

The City says they will consider the request in their budget discussions.

While the tanker truck will likely be sold, Ryan says the equipment truck could be re-purposed. The fire department would like to remove the truck’s water tank, pump and some racking and convert it to store and transport equipment that is rarely used, such as grain silo rescue equipment and water rescue equipment. Re-purposing the truck would cost about ten thousand dollars, which the Fire Fighters Association would also cover.