Muddy Runners Loved ‘Dirty Duck Muck Run’

It was a good ol’ muddy time at the Delaware County Fairgrounds in Manchester on Saturday. The Fairgrounds hosted the First Annual Dirty Duck Muck Run, which is best described as a 5K, Mud Run and Obstacle Course all in one. Runner Mike Lansing of Dyersville says the Dirty Duck Muck Run had a little bit of everything.

Dirty Ducks 1

Canyon Richardson of Earlville was one of the Dirty Duck Muck Run’s younger participants. Like most kids, he loved the idea of getting muddy…

Dirty Ducks 2

Susan Johnson made the trip up from Cedar Rapids to run in the mud.

Dirty Ducks 3

And she didn’t try to avoid the mud like some runners did…

Dirty Ducks 4

One hundred twenty-five runners participated in Saturday’s Dirty Duck Muck Run. Prizes were up for grabs for the runners with the best times, as well as for the muddiest runner or “Dirtiest Duck”.

Dirty Ducks 5

There was someone who was muddier… Adeline Huehnergarth of Dyersville won the Dirtiest Duck award. Logan Pasker of Dyersville was the overall male winner with a time of 21-minutes and 27-seconds, and Morgan Lynch of Manchester was the overall female winner with a time of 25-minutes and 37-seconds.

Dirty Ducks 6