New Vienna Family Honored with Wergin Farm Award

Hoefler- family picture3A New Vienna farm family has been honored with a special award. The Brian and Eileen Hoefler family recently received the Gary Wergin Good Farm Neighbor Award. The Midwest Dairy Association nominated the Hoeflers for the Wergin Good Farm Neighbor award, which recognizes Iowa livestock farmers who take pride in doing things right – including caring for the environment and their livestock, as well as being good neighbors. The Hoeflers have a dairy operation as well as a small feedlot where they feed out their steer calves. In addition to the dairy, they also raise corn and alfalfa in Dubuque County. Iowa Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig recently presented the Hoeflers with the award in front of more than 150 family members, friends and neighbors. The award, which is sponsored by the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers, is presented nine times annually to an Iowa farm family who raises livestock. If you’d like to nominate a deserving livestock farmer or farm family, contact Brian Waddingham at 515-225-5531. (Photo courtesy of Brian Waddingham)