No Slowing Down for ‘Manchester Good to Great’

manchManchester Good to Great held a special reception Tuesday night for the supporters of its capital campaign. And they heard an update on the Good to Great projects, with the focus right now on the Manchester Whitewater Park. River Recreation Committee Co-Chair Ryan Wicks says plans are coming along nicely.

Good Great 1

Their goal is to hold a grand opening for the Manchester Whitewater Park in May or June of next year. Manchester Good to Great was formed six years ago, and since that time, many of the group’s ideas and goals have become a reality… including the new Legacy Skate Park, the Manchester Regional Education Partnership center, and the West Delaware Academic Booster Club, as well as community banners and training for entrepreneurs. Manchester also has a logo and the motto “Family-Community-Opportunity”. And the goal of making Manchester more visible along Highway 20 is going to become a reality soon, with developer A.J. Spiegel building a development on the southwest edge of town (though it’s still unknown what exactly will go up in that area). Manchester Good to Great Chairperson Dean Sherman says it’s an exciting time for Manchester.

Good Great 2

And Sherman says they still have a lot of opportunity in the future… with the Healthy to Healthiest Initiative, expanding bikeways, and more efforts in marketing and beautifying the city. Anyone is welcome to get involved with Manchester Good to Great – whether it’s through volunteering, donating or sharing ideas.

Good Great 3

If you’d like to get involved with Manchester Good to Great, contact Jack Klaus at the Manchester Chamber.