President of American Soybean Assoc. Critical of Dairy PRIDE Proposal

The leader of the American Soybean Association (ASA) says a so-called “Dairy PRIDE” labeling bill is unnecessary. The Dairy PRIDE bill would force the makers of plant-based alternatives like soy milk and almond milk to stop using “milk” in their name. ASA president Ron Moore says consumers already know soy milk is made of soy and doesn’t come from cows.

“The soy milk label has been used in this country since 1947, so there really isn’t any confusion in the marketplace and it’s not necessary to have this legislation put in place,” Moore says.

Other countries have labeling laws prohibiting the word “milk” from alternative products, but Moore says that doesn’t automatically make it a good idea in the U-S. And he says existing labels are clear.

“People with allergies to cow’s milk want to be able to identify it as soy milk,” Moore says.

The Soyfoods Association of North America also objects to the Dairy PRIDE bill. The legislation was first introduced in the U.S. Senate by Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin. It is backed by several dairy groups including the National Milk Producers Federation.
(story courtesy of Radio Iowa/Brownfield Ag News; photo courtesy of Radio Iowa)