Senator Grassley Visits West Delaware High School

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley made a visit to West Delaware High School on Thursday afternoon.

The high school students got a chance to voice their concerns and ask questions during an hour-long Q & A session with the Senator in the high school auditorium.

And Grassley told KMCH News Director Janelle Tucker that he thought they asked some “really key questions” – covering topics like the Syrian airstrikes, the national debt, Obamacare and the new Supreme Court Justice. One student wanted to know Senator Grassley’s thoughts on President Trump’s proposed budget and what programs Grassley wouldn’t want to see cut.

The students also asked questions most young people want to know about – for example, how can Congress make college more affordable? And how can people their age have a voice in government?

Grassley noted that statistics show that about one percent of the students in that West Delaware auditorium will serve in public office one day. The students also asked Senator Grassley some personal questions, wondering his everyday challenges as a Senator, how he got interested in politics and what is favorite quote and color are. Grassley says he says he doesn’t get to visit many high schools each year, but believes it’s just as important as hosting town halls.

West Delaware sophomore Grace Ries and junior Hunter Zieser appreciated that Grassley took the time to with the students.

High School Principal Tim Felderman agrees, saying it was an honor to have the Senator there.

Ries and Zieser led Senator Grassley on a tour of the school, including the welding lab, before he left for his visit to Arlington in Fayette County.


(photos by Janelle Tucker, KMCH)