Soybean Producers Encouraged to Participate in Nitrogen Fine Tuning Project

The Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) is asking farmers statewide to participate in a Nitrogen Fine Tuning project. It involves establishment of a strip trial comparing an Iowa State University modeled nitrogen rate versus the farmer’s standard practice. ISA On-Farm Network director Scott Nelson says it’s a simple, low-cost project that could result in significant savings.

“I would say anywhere from 25 to 50 dollars an acre,” Nelson says. “There are some farmers that are very close to optimum rates, but we think we can save most farmers 25 to 50 dollars an acre.”

The project should also contribute to water quality improvement. Nelson says there’s a relationship between nitrogen rate and loss through tile lines.

“Naturally, as you would think, the more nitrogen you apply, the more loss you see through the tile lines. But it’s not a direct line, it’s kind of curve,” Nelson says. “There’s a point that, beyond the maximum yield you can obtain, that you end up with more nitrogen loss through the water lines that you gain in yield — and we’re trying to help farmers find that place.”

Learn more about the project on the ISA’s website:

(story courtesy of Radio Iowa/Brownfield Ag News)