Take the Summer Selfies Challenge and win some great prizes!

To enter, visit one of the suggested destinations in the greater Delaware County area, take a ‘selfie’ photo of yourself in front of an easy-to-identify background (as listed on the Summer Selfies Destination List that you can download HERE.)

Submit your “selfie” onto the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/DelawareCoChallenge

There is no limit to the number of “selfies” submitted each day on Facebook but each photo should feature a different location.


One winner will be chosen at random each week during the contest period.  Winners will be announced on KMCH Radio, KMCH radio’s Facebook page, the Delaware County Tourism Page and the Delaware County Challenge Facebook page.  Weekly winners will be announced every Friday morning on KMCH Radio.


One GRAND prize winner will be chosen by random at the end of the contest.   Winners of weekly prizes WILL ALSO BE ELIGIBLE to win the grand prize. The  grand prize winner will be announced Friday morning, August 1st on KMCH Radio.


Increase your chances of winning by submitting more selfies. Each submission equals one chance at winning, so the more selfies you post the better your chances of winning. What are you waiting for? Have some summer fun, visit local attractions and show us your “SELFIES.”