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Winthrop Driver Taken to RMC after Collision

A Winthrop driver was taken to the hospital after a collision on Sunday night.

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office says an eastbound SUV on 210th Street was swerving into the westbound lane of traffic. 

An oncoming westbound vehicle noticed the swerving SUV and slowed almost to a stop, moving into the right portion of the lane. The SUV still struck the vehicle – and then continued across the eastbound lane of traffic into the south ditch, hitting a fence.

Authorities say the driver of the eastbound SUV, 66-year old Collin Whitney of Winthrop, suffered possible injuries and was transported to Regional Medical Center in Manchester.

The other driver, 38-year old Leann Terray of Aurora, was not hurt. 

The fence, owned by Thomas Sellner, sustained several hundred dollars in damage. 

Whitney has been charged with Careless Driving and Driving on the Wrong Side of the Highway.

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