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With a Sales Impact Plan, using consistent daily advertising, you are assured of reaching people in all three of the buyingimage13 stages and beyond. You guarantee to be top of mind when the buying decision is reached. Most advertising is ‘hit-and-miss’, failing to build top-of-mind awareness through repetition.


Unfortunately, people aren’t like elephants… we forget things very quickly.

In fact, studies show that a person forgets 75% of what he or she has learned in the previous week. After three weeks, we forget 90%. After four weeks, we forget 95%.

Don’t Let Your Prospects Forget Who You Are! 


KMCH Radio offers the following benefits:image14

spacera. Individual ‘Needs Analysis’ reports
b. Long and Short Term contracts
c. Creative Marketing Ideas
d. Saturation packages
e. Various Value-Added Advertising Program Schedule
f. Co-op Advertising

Needs Analysis:
KMCH Sales Representatives can perform a ‘Needs Analysis’ that fully explains your business to us – pros, cons, myths, misconceptions, unique features, target audience, etc. Your business is different from the “guy down the street”, yet, you have unique traffic and profit potential. Decide to get your ‘unfair share’ of the available consumer’s Dollars…contact KMCH Radio in Manchester today!

Long Term Contract:
Our most popular advertising program: Long term advertising builds top-of-mind awareness, promoting your special features and products. Long-term contracts have a substantial cost-per-message discount.

Short Term Contract:
We’re as flexible as radio ought to be. KMCH Radio can develop effective short-term advertising campaigns, complete with state-of-the-art production facilities.

Creative Marketing Ideas:
Need a special promotion, an idea, an event to help build traffic? We can help – from creative copy to creative in-store events – it’s part of our service to advertisers.

Saturation Packages:
Need instant traffic and response? KMCH has a variety of saturation packages to make your event a success.

Value-Added Advertising Program Schedule:
Many of the KMCH “packages and promotions” feature value-added benefits. KMCH offers quarterly and monthly packages and promotions that give advertisers “more bang for their buck”.

Co-op Advertising:
Each week in the immediate KMCH broadcast area, there is over $18,000 in co-op advertising that is going UNSPENT! KMCH is associated with a national Co-op Advertising Research firm that can stretch your advertising budget. In some cases, co-op advertising will pay up to 100% of the advertising investment on KMCH!

To get started, contact a

KMCH sales representative today! (563) 927-6249

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