Monday thru Saturday at 8:40 am and Monday thru Friday at 3:40 pm!

Each day, we give away a Blizzard from Dairy Queen!
And each week we give away a gift certificate from the gift shop at Widner’s
to one of our anniversary couples.

Our Recent Birthday Winners:

November 7th Roger White

November 8th Miriah Heim

November 11th Faith Pritchard

November 12th Rosie Salow

November 13th Betty McIntosh

November 14th Marissa Vorwald

November 15th Trent Menard

November 18th Declan Burke

November 19th Jordan Bolinger

November 20th Claire Rausch

November 21st Ryan Ehrig

November 22nd Joyce Scheel

November 23rd Lacey Terhark

November 25th Carol Bay

November 26th Isaac Hutchinson

November 27th Jamie Anderson

November 28th Jordan Jones

November 29th Melinda John

November 30th Kim Thein

December 2nd Carson Francis

December 3rd Emma Richter

December 4th Steve Tucker

December 5th Aiden Chopard

December 6th Margo Friedlein

Our Recent Anniversary Winners:

November 8th Mark and Deb Recker

November 15th Carrie and Brad Rausch

November 27th Kacie and Ron Wilcox

December 6th Claire and Inez Fannon