Monday thru Saturday at 8:40 am and Monday thru Friday at 3:40 pm!

Each day, we give away a Blizzard from Dairy Queen!
And each week we give away a gift certificate from the gift shop at Widner’s
to one of our anniversary couples.

Our Recent Birthday Winners:

February 24th Kathy Rhines

February 25th Kaleb Young

February 26th Austin Palmer

February 27th Lisa Weber

February 28th Dennis Conrad

March 2nd Zach Nachtman

March 3rd Jerry Doyle

March 4th Krailyn Rahe

March 5th Barb Recker

March 6th Abe Jones

March 7th Ronnie Bachman

March 9th Kristin Goedken

March 10th Joyce Bries

March 11th Caden Ries

March 12th Travis Knipper

March 13th Kelly Ross

March 16th Katelyn Scott

March 17th Autum Hamlet

March 18th Georgia Koopman

March 19th Brittany Lansing

March 20th Dustin Ernst

March 21st Paul Schaul

March 23rd Elise Kaiser

Our Recent Anniversary Winners:

February 21st Dan and Janice Langel

February 28th Eldon & Sue Fenton of Strawberry Point

March 6th Jim & Carol Meisgeier

March 13th Terry & Marlene Gould

March 20th Kelley and Joanne Ross