Monday thru Saturday at 8:40 am and Monday thru Friday at 3:40 pm!

Each day, we give away a Blizzard from Dairy Queen!
And each week we give away a gift certificate from the gift shop at Widner’s
to one of our anniversary couples.
Our Recent Birthday Winners:

July 24th Kelsey Hansel

July 25th Karen Seibert

July 26th Harper McIntyre

July 27th Kelly Kloser

July 29th Kari Vaassen

July 30th Gary Engelken

July 31st Melony Hettinger

August 1st Dave Phillip

August 2nd Jackson Hofmeister

August 3rd Cole Mescher

August 5th Dan Rosburg

August 6th Carley Ogden

August 7th Sharon McGraw

August 8th Wanda Steuri

August 9th Nick Thole

August 12th Dominic Gray

August 13th Dorothy Roling

August 14th Scott Taylor

August 15th Megan Lewis

August 16th Pat Morley

August 17th Jenny Loughren

August 19th Ella Schindler

August 20th John Schechtman

August 21 Steve Salow

August 22nd Doris Sommers

August 23rd Kayci Letts


Our Recent Anniversary Winners:

July 12th Dean and Dana Sperfslage

July 19th Jane and Ian Fergeson

July 26th Jan & Corene Messer

August 2nd Rob and Joan Bolinger

August 9th Jim and Toni Lewis

August 23rd Duane and Julie Staner