Monday thru Saturday at 8:40 am and Monday thru Friday at 3:40 pm!

Each day, we give away a Blizzard from Dairy Queen!
And each week we give away a gift certificate from the gift shop at Widner’s
to one of our anniversary couples.

Our Recent Birthday Winners:

December 23rd Dawn McGrane

December 24th Holly Jo Davis

December 26th Judson Klaus

December 27th Jean Carroll

December 28th Lennon Mae Appleton

December 30th Ryan Cook

December 31st Jessi Helmrich

January 1st Mikaila Neuzil

January 2nd Rachel Scott

January 3rd Marshall Vorwald

January 5th Dan Edwards

January 6th Wendy Stender

January 7th Brycen Messer

January 8th Jim Errthum

January 9th Curt Drees

January 10th Sophie Friedrich

January 13th Harlow Geistkemper

January 14th Katie Palmer

January 15th Trent Highland

January 16th Bradon Taylor

January 17th Carter Klein

January 18th Josh Vorwald

January 20th Joe Marbach

January 21st Katie Edwards

Our Recent Anniversary Winners:

December 20th Larry and Sandy Taken

December 27th Matt and Kari Scherbring

January 3rd Jean and Jack Resor

January 8th Richard and Opal Goeke

January 17th Irvin and Dianne Bohlken