Monday thru Saturday at 8:40 am and Monday thru Friday at 3:40 pm!

Each day, we give away a Blizzard from Dairy Queen!
And each week we give away a gift certificate from the gift shop at Widner’s
to one of our anniversary couples.
Our Recent Birthday Winners:

September 19th Tiffany Smith

September 20th Owen Salow

September 21st Delaney Feldman

September 23rd Michelle Tutton

September 24th Kambria Ries

September 25th Markus Hatfield

September 26th Justin Gideon

September 27th Billy Wessels

September 28th Rick Thole

September 29th Bob Fischer

September 30th Bob Fischer

October 1st Harry Ries

October 2nd James Nefzger

October 3rd Cathy Moris

October 4th McKenna Vorwald

October 5th Chanda Gassman

October 7th Kathy Dane

October 8th Dan Lahr

October 9th Gina Perrinjaquet

October 10th Josh Lansing

October 11th Hazel Quint

October 14th Doris Corcoran

October 15th Jackson Wickman

October 16th Caleb Knipper

October 17th Rebecca Gears

October 18th Jake Edgington

Our Recent Anniversary Winners:

September 13th Kevin and Tammy Hamlett

September 20th Sheryl and Tom Hansel

September 27th Crista & Tyler Weber

October 4th Mike and Nicole Hampton

October 11th Keith and Angie Brockholn

October 18th Chad and Jodi Bauwens