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September 30, 2023

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Sep 30   10:21 pm  CDT
TEXAS   -   Culberson COUNTY   -   Pine Springs
WIND  -  60 mph  -  Mesonet station 60 Pine Springs GMNP.   (Midland/Odessa, TX)
Sep 30   9:50 pm  CDT
WIND  -  A few large trees uprooted. Time estimated via radar.   (Minneapolis, MN)
Sep 30   9:00 pm  CDT
UTAH   -   Tooele COUNTY   -   10 MILES WEST OF Knolls
WIND  -  64 mph  -  Mesonet station DPG17 Interstate 80.   (Salt Lake City, UT)
Sep 30   9:00 pm  CDT
UTAH   -   Cache COUNTY   -   2 MILES WEST OF North Logan
WIND  -  63 mph  -  Mesonet station LGCUT Logan Campbell HDQ.   (Salt Lake City, UT)
Sep 30   8:57 pm  CDT
UTAH   -   Cache COUNTY   -   2 MILES WEST-NORTHWEST OF North Logan
WIND  -  60 mph  -  ASOS station KLGU Logan-Cache Airport.   (Salt Lake City, UT)
Sep 30   8:09 pm  CDT
TEXAS   -   El Paso COUNTY   -   2 MILES EAST OF Fort Bliss
WIND  -  73 mph  -  Corrects previous tstm wnd gst report from 2 E Fort Bliss. Downburst wind gust measured at KELP. A moderate number of power outages followed these stronger gusts.   (El Paso, TX)
Sep 30   8:04 pm  CDT
UTAH   -   Washington COUNTY   -   2 MILES SOUTHWEST OF Leeds
WIND  -  61 mph  -  Mesonet station WRRU1 White Reef.   (Salt Lake City, UT)
Sep 30   6:00 pm  CDT
UTAH   -   Tooele COUNTY   -   29 MILES NORTHEAST OF Callao
WIND  -  58 mph  -  Mesonet station DPG03 V-Grid.   (Salt Lake City, UT)
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