Congratulations to our winning Newlywed game couple, Justin and Alyssa Boies!  With 65 points, Justin and Alyssa win the grand prize of a 1/2 dozen roses from Blooms Flowers Gifts and More in Edgewood; 1/2 hour massage from Prestige Day Spa in Edgewood; Overnight stay at Comfort Inn in Dyersville; Free pizza from Happy Joes in Dyersville; and a ruby and diamond heart necklace on a 18 inch chain from Notorious in Manchester!

Day #5 – Tony and Susie Tjaden – 45 points

Day #4 – Dave and Kathy Leibold – 10 points 

Day #3 – Eric and Monica Bailey – 30 points

Day #2 – Justin and Alyssa Boies – 65 points

Day #1 – Nick and Alexa Eike – 35 points